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Keith J. Grant

Front end developer working primarily in React. Currently at Red Hat working on Ansible Controller.

I live in the great Pacific Northwest. I care about people and believe in the open web.

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    Well look what came home with me…

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    The Edinburgh airport is like an IKEA. A slightly strange yet highly efficient system shuffling you through security, and a long winding path taking you through the sections of duty free shopping.

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    In the last week I've had: dim sum, tapas, Israeli, tea at Fortnum’s, French-Moroccan, German shnitzel, Scottish salmon, wood pigeon, Nepalese, and several breakfasts at French patisseries.

    I'm so full. Tomorrow we're talking about bread and jam for dinner 😆

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    There's almost certainly a Korok seed near here...

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    View from the room, Isle of Skye

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    St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh

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    The two Edinburgh trains before ours were cancelled and now the whole world wants into this one. One woman here has a ticket for a seat that doesn't exist.

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    Dear U.S.: get your head out of your ass and learn to value proper bread. Thanks.

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    Just had probably one of best meals I've ever had at The Palomar and The Cursed Child (part I) was fantastic (OMG effects that I'm totally not going to spoil). Now for Part II!

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    St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge

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    Thing I found myself saying today: “we went there for tea, but ended up with schnitzel.”

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    Married ten years (and change). And now we will frolick about the UK!

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    You guys will never believe this photo of London I took!

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    Flying out in the late evening makes for a strange combination of running around all day taking care of little details while also having more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

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    Seeing a wierd bug in Firefox Android: when i use a PWA, then later go open a different PWA, it opens the first one back up and not the second. Seems to happen pretty consistently

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    Well, yellow jackets. You may have won a battle, but I have won the war

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    I think my MacBook just died 😵

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    Just a test posting photos to my site from my phone.

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    🎉 I finally got my site automatically sending webmentions. 🎉

    Which means my notes will now all automatically post to Twitter

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    There's something really wonderful about sitting around in a bit of a daze after a good run, still in your running gear, sipping on ice cold water

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    Wait, so Cmd+V doesn’t paste into the new Chrome address bar anymore 😕

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    I’m cleaning up & updating my feed subscriptions. Who’s posting their notes via RSS?

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    The re-vamped Omnibear UI is coming along nicely. Also: bookmarks support!

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    I’ve been working MobX into Omnibear, and I am SOLD. This is so beyond superior to Redux.

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    At my first web-related job, one of the early designs for the site had a background of #336699. To this day, that’s still my go-to placeholder color

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    TIL: if you're sending a request using fetch() it does not send cookies by default UNLESS you're coding a browser extension.

    Both FF & Chrome extensions will send the cookies anyway unless you specify credentials: 'omit' because 🤨

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    Might I recommend switching to Proton Mail?

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    The incredible power of SVG is freeing, but also leads to decision paralysis. Should I use a sprite sheet? Embed them in the CSS? Inline everything in HTML? Which is most performant? And is that option practical in my given circumstance?

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    Getting an immunization isn’t just about protecting you, but also the people around you. It’s beginning to look like protecting your privacy online works the same way.

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    The American Choppers meme is truly one of the best to roll around in a while.

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    Software patents: Taking something that’s not patentable, and “doing it with software” to make it patentable

    Silicon Valley “disruption”: taking illegal labor practices and re-framing the terms used to make them legal

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    So I guess at some point Chrome fixed that inputs-as-grid-item-collapse-to-zero-width bug. How long has that been working?

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    DevTools feature request: the ability to hide/suppress all errors in the console that came from browser extensions.

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    Some random thoughts on the Solo trailer:

    A lot of exciting stuff (Donald Glover!), but perhaps the least exciting part is Han Solo himself. He doesn’t seem like the Han Solo we know.

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    Sometimes, it’s faster and easier to just add a <script> tag to the page and do the thing without your big framework.

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    Omnibear v1.0.0 is rolling out to Chrome and Firefox stores now!

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    The EU has passed the GDPR, prohibiting companies from harvesting customer’s personal information without specific a business need.