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“Sass will simply not support plain CSS nesting unless we can do so in a way that’s fully compatible with existing Sass behavior.”

I think this is the end of the Sass road for me. In fact, as soon as I read this, I immediately regretting using Sass in my recent website redesign at all.

I mean, I get it. This is kind of the path Sass needs to take to maintain code compatability for existing projects, but I’ve been down this road before. Once upon a time, I wrote the CSS for, and I did it all using PostCSS plugins to mimic “future” CSS.

The problem was, those future specs changed before they shipped in browsers, and I was stuck with a ton of legacy code that only worked because of my tooling. There was no easy path toward turning off the transipiling other than a painful rewrite of a lot of code. And that meant I couldn’t actually use the new feature, purely because I was too eager to fake it before it was ready.

I’m going to want to use CSS nesting as early as possible, and I don’t want to be stuck waiting on tooling to make that a reality.

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