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YouTube has a led me into a realm of videos on the Star Wars sequels. I get that Rise of Skywalker is basically universally hated, but it also seems to be overwhelmingly negative towards episodes 7 & 8 also, even though reviews on those were generally mixed when they were released (I loved them both would be happy to tell you why).

The thing that's really interesting to me as I look at these videos, however, is that they are also almost all positive towards the prequel trilogy. The major criticism of 7–9 seems to be: “They aren’t true to episodes 1–3”.

I’m feeling really old now seeing these kids who grew up on 1–3 who hate the new ones, just like I grew up on the originals and hate the prequels.

(as an aside, though, I have to admit that 9 was not only a terrible movie, but was actually so bad it made 7 and 8 worse along with it, even though I would still totally defend those two overall)

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